24 February 2010

Tag aku? Hahah aku tag Kim Bum pulak la nanti

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 23 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 5 people to be tag


1. She currently still miss her old lifestyle - the school and the freaky hostel 

2. She has nothing to do now - online, online and online

 3. She's very love to Biology sampaikan all of the choices in the UPU mesti ada kene-mengena with that kinda subject ^_^

4. She very addicted to chocolate and the Cocoa Ice-blended

5. Cannot live without laptop, internet, handphone, earphone, camera and calculator

6. Hate the smokers, the Mat Rempit, and yang sekutu dengannya. 

7. Must-watched series every week - The Adventures of Merlin and Supernatural

8. Just gotcha 8 new friends at the MyEg Computer Test.

9. Must sleep back after Subuh and woke up on 10 am.

10. Sometimes got too sensitive. Sometimes got too childish. Sometimes got too crazy. And sometimes she's soooo kind.

11. Blogging is one of my way to release tension or give away any opinion

12. Got chatting with BOF's actorsKim Bum and Jensen Ackles

13. Love to hear new songs. *Maybe not to new. New release on radios. haha

14. Too much day-dreaming ! Yawww

15. Miss her, miss him, miss them a lot !!

16. Love to go to the mall. Window-shopping sudaaa =P

17. Suka kongsi makanan dengan siapa2 even the boys.

18. Must buy one new novel every month !

19. Must watch new-released films especially English movies ~

20. Nak sangat jadi doctor. Tak tipu tauu. 

21. Suka panggil orang sayang, even boys or girls. Tak tahu kenapa.

22. Suka sangat makan sampai dah nak gemok sangat dah sekarang

23. Saya anak Perak + Minang!

credits to Nabilah Halimi for this kinda tagging. Haha Aku da lama tak main tag2 ni dowh. Thanks ya !

I'm gonna tag this sincerely to ; 
Liyana Nadhirah
Maisarah Sofea
Lagi dua orang sapa2 je la.

Blog ini sedang dalam pembaikpulihan. Segala kesulitan amatlah dikesali


  1. huh? kim bum ade belog kah?

    nk lah tag jun poyo

  2. wow...chat ngan kim bum?
    jelez ny~
    cke kim bum!!!

  3. haha. kejap je, kat twitter.
    janji dpt. haha
    kim bum kiut miut gile!!!