20 November 2008

Exam, Kem dan Cuti [pt 2]

Ok. Just come in to part 2. haha aku ni maen part2 la pulak. stop, I just wanna continue my ceritera cinta . Oppss...not love la but a story about exam. aku balik je kem, esoknya sekolah. pergh! how miss them to me! haha I miss them a lot to, bahkan not just them but my very bestest class of course! [Zida, just say that you miss him! ] ish. cukop. take a look this! 

My Add Math result ..
What a worst! I never fail in whole my life! wa.... but i dun really care lah. what i know, dalam 3 ke 5 orang je yang lulus. others, fail! haha. good, ade geng. most higher in form4, Naqib lah, 90% in my class, Arif 70% tu pun lepas mintak la [naqib, arep, sorry ya if the information i got is wrong] Ihsan, 58% aduh~dua orang kawan baek ini! How you two study ha? 

Result yang agak ok setakat ini
Alhamdulillah, others result okey la but not full yet. ours exam baru je habis a week before holiday. so,if we wanna know our result, we've to come to school this December. Ok what. boleh gathering dengan member. haha. damn I really misz them soo much! This holiday quite bored lah. I always doing bad habit. My activities almost everyday ;
  1. Online
  2. Short Message Service
  3. Radio [ it's all about the MUSIC !]
  4. Camera - taking the damn and fool picture
  5. Reading novel
  6. Eat - eat - eat
Ahh.. next year sure i'm looking like a balloon! haha. uh,damn. There's a lot of reunion - not really lot la - sek. ren & sek. men - next week. I just thinking about my wearing in that day. nak pakai ape? Baju x lawa lah. Okey, stop right here.

novel yang agak kurang menarik mulanya 

dah baca ye! 

 doraemon & conan pon best!


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