21 November 2008

Add Math ; Easy or Not ?

I’m a tired girl now, who just finished doing the knottiest subject for me. haha Additional Mathematic. Fuh! I know I’m not ok in this subject, but I also want and have desire to be like them; Abel, Naqib, Ihsan, Arif, Sarah and others that always gotta highest mark and never fail. 

ya ya I know. People always said - success comes after failure. I've heard a story about a man - Thomas Edison - the bulb creator, almost thousand times he failed! What an earnest! and at last, he got what he want.

Kak Long with her parents
I know I’ve to increase my effort [betul ke ayat nih?] haha umi really want me to be like Kak Long Aini. now she’s work in Ireland as a doctor. Kaya da sekarang! 2 of her siblings - Kak Ayu & Kamil - still study. Kak Ayu also in Ireland now, taking MEDIC and Kamil too even kat UKM. Wah! Pak Dang's children, hampir semua berjaya menjadi doktor. 

Their happy family

Kak Ayu & Kak Long in London - melancong after raya!

Erm, I just finished study about Function – not really finished la [inverse function x sentuh lagi] itu je dah memeningkan kepala otak aku nih. its ok, slow make me more understood. From the exercise, I’ve got some conclusion.
  1. Don't be too hurriedly when doing exercise
  2. Look the question carefully
  3. Use the bigger and clean spaces when calculate. kepala bisa pening dong!
  4. Rest after ten minutes!
Abel said, if we want to be good in Add Math, do a lot of exercise. Buy SPM book or buku yang setaraf dengannya. Once we do exersice, do it more and more. paling banyak pon 5 latihan la sehari. macam aku ni ok x?

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  1. iye??huhu..
    aku taw ko pndai..

  2. teruskan
    aku x start agi studi add math

  3. hmm..btul2..i agree..tapi susah ke senang terpakse terima jugak add math 2..Chaiyok!!

  4. yeah.dat's rite.
    nnt aku nk g kursus dgn cikgu alfi.
    ajar add math kat upm..

  5. stuju +math susah...
    same la kte ngah study +math...
    chaiyo2! >,<

  6. yeah!
    [alamak,semangat lak.haha]

  7. waaa
    jeles2 tgk org pgi london tawu!
    blaja etmet btol2!

  8. hoho...ni br msuk form 4 erk??

    first of all...MUST think addmath is easy as math mode...ore maybe MORE easier than it...jgn pedulikan ape yg orang lain ckp...klu x, akan trbawa ke dalam otak, or maybe k dlm mimpi..hoho...

    ^^try visit http://math-thinker.blogspot.com/
    (maaf..xsmpat utk update lagi blog nie..dah lama dh xupdate..nnti la)

    ^^satu kata2 :"Math is A Playing Tool...Be Love to Play It"

    (maaf...menyepa plak..hoho^^)

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  10. thenks bro for the nasihat.heheh

  11. akiem,kalo nak g london,study lah

  12. tk wat revision add math lagii. oh, no..